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1. Short is fine. I don't mind what length the podcasts are.

2. My only question is what makes you feel like it's a topic worth covering at this stage? I worked for a crypto startup, I coded an ICO, I worked on developing a crypto a fintech app, so I know more than most. I follow crypto via /r/cryptoreality and /r/buttcoin, which is how I know about stories like constitution DAO. If you want to cover truthfully the state of crypto (it's all a scam) I think you should reash out to people like David Gerard (wrote books on crypto), Jorge Stolfi (computer science professor who explains how bitcoin is a ponzi), Molly White (of https://web3isgoinggreat.com/ and articles like https://www.mollywhite.net/annotations/latecomers-guide-to-crypto).

Like... even Miguel in this episode tries to explain why he likes web 3 is "creating new things, not just adding to existing things". Basically sums up web3, rebuilding everything we already have from the ground up, except worse.

3. I like the newsletter even without audio.

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1. Short is good. If anything, just make them supplementary for your paid subscribers. I think microcasts still have a skin in the pod game despite not being as marketable to advertisers. I love supplementing my feed with shows like Radio Headspace, and other shows shorter than 15 ish minutes for when I don’t have time for a full episode.

2. Jeez, where to start? I think the most absurd trend I’ve seen is this crypto NFT real estate. I’ve seen it a few times, and it’s all quite obviously just digitally minted house schematics with artsy flair. And who are these real estate agents champing at the bit to get in on this illogical trend? Why differentiate it from art in the first place? This article for example: https://torontolife.com/real-estate/it-will-outlive-any-condo-toronto-artist-krista-kim-on-selling-a-virtual-house-nft-for-650000/ -- was this an April Fools day joke? And if it was why is it so hard to tell in this space?

3. I love a good “further reading” section, and am constantly good for good recs when it comes to books, pods, and recipes. I also wouldn’t mind hearing more about your internet dumpster diving processes. I too love Ryan’s newsletter and love when he explains how he comes across the stuff that he does.

Pj and company, have you listened the Underunderstood podcast? They also have a keen interest in Internet dumpster diving and love to sleuth. If you haven’t listened you should check it out. I recommend How Cooler Ranch Doritos got Cooler to start.

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I’m so glad you are back, your knack for uncovering details while reporting a modern news story is uncanny :)

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Good show so far! My questions about crypto I think are actually more about currency. Like, what IS a currency? What does it really mean and why does it matter, when most transactions are digital anyway? Is the money in a bank or digital wallet kind of Schrodinger's value, waiting to be assigned a currency for a specific transaction? I get why having a US dollar bill in your pocket is worth more than a Mexican peso, and why the peso might buy more or fewer chocolate bars over the course of a year. But when we're not dealing with cash at all, and when people are already transacting online internationally in complex systems without clear national borders... how is crypto actually meaningfully different?

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1. Im ok with short and also dont normally mind length, except maybe getting sad when really short podcasts end like memory palace

2. I think i need a crypto 101. I definitely know nothing baseline, but what I’m most confused about are the things i hear about environmental impact and cost to sell and trade. You did say youre doing some origin stories? Very excited for that

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I LOVE all these interviews. Your guests all through these initial episodes so far are so thoughtful, dynamic, and they each have a unique background that led them into the Crypto world. Very cool to see how these different experiences and worldviews clash and mix in this weird web3 culture

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Short is fine. But short usually is harder to make and takes longer. W3 is happening at light speed. So, as far as I am concerned, please pump out more stories and investigative reporting.

You are making it so much easier to start understanding how to navigate current waters (in my former life, I was a science documentary filmmaker, but now I am a mom returning to the workplace).

I would be curious how NFTs and DAOs could work for traditional content makers wanting to get into these spaces. Also, can you find more examples of NFTs and DAOs used for good? I half listened to a 'This is not boring' podcast on token creation (it wasn't boring, but it was over my head) that mentioned Amazon coffee farmers being turned into tokens for carbon credits or something like that. Not sure if it was a test case or real.

I've started investigating Banano (fork of Nano) because the curency is a more carbon friendly and super cheap (I won't lose money I don't have) and can be free because citizens are encouraged and rewarded by tipping each other and newbies. You can also get Banono (ban) and free NFTs by taking part in community events like FreeRice Challenges (if u don't know freerice...it is the best example of what GOOD is on the Internet. It is an online quiz game that is fun, you learn from it, and you help feed hungry people while you play.)

Also if you do want to mine for Banano you do it by Folding@home (uses your computing power to fold peptides for different disease research). This is legit science using your computer to help model solutions to terrible maladies.

Yesterday, I took the plunge and joined the Banano and CrypromonKeys on discord and they are silly group of Sh*t posting Benis meme builders, but they are also sincere in being helpful. Keep up all the good work.


Hannah Smith Walker

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1. Short is great!

2. I'm curious about energy usage and the environmental impact of crypto. I've heard something about "Proof of Stake" replacing "Proof of Work" and reducing energy consumption, but have also heard that Bitcoin would likely never make that change.

I'm also curious about why El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, and whether there have been day-to-day changes as a result of that.

3. I'd enjoy recommendations and other non-episode content in the newsletter. Newsletters without audio are great.

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1. Short is fine. I'm more concerned with cadence than length (keep up the good pace you've started off with!).

2. How are NFTs different than any other artificially scarce collectible (i.e. baseball cards, Beanie Babies, stamps)?

3. I'd personally prefer the newsletter to be a 1-for-1 companion to the podcast. There's certainly room for recs that have nothing to with the accompanying episode, though.

So glad you're back, and especially excited about the topic you've chosen. Crypto is so bizarre, and I'm happy to have you as our digital sherpa on this.

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